Amazing Benefits Of Raisins For Skin, Hair And Health


Do you love to eat them raw or use them frequently in your cooking? Well, you will be really surprised to know how your sweet tooth is benefiting you.

Raisin, the most popular variety of dried grape, is widely known for its sugary taste and juicy flavour. But the truth is that this tiny fruit has much more to offer to us. It comes with quite a few medicinal properties, which help us to take proper care of our health. At the same time, several natural compounds present in it improve the texture of our skin and hair. For your convince, we have divided them into the sub-categories of skin, hair and health benefits.


Benefits of Raisins for Skin

If you want to stop the signs of ageing even after reaching your late thirties, consuming raisins regularly would be a great choice for you. Here is why this fruit is beneficial for your skin:

Stay Away from Premature Aging:

Black raisins are high in antioxidants as well as essential phytochemicals. Both these compounds are capable of protecting our skin cells from potential damage caused by long time exposure to the sun, excessive pollution, and so on. As they can prevent the disintegration of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) of our skin cells by combating free radicals, our immunity goes high and the elasticity of our muscle fibers gets boosted largely.

Keep your Blood Free from Impurities:

Flawless skin is something that each and every girl desires. But it often becomes hard for us to keep our blood free from toxins, waste materials and a number of other impurities, which eventually result in dry, acne-prone, unattractive facial skin. Here in comes the importance of black raisins. Being an excellent source of natural antioxidants, they accelerate the functions of the liver and the kidney. Furthermore, they eliminate damaging free radicals from our body and detoxify it completely. All these are helpful for getting clean and clear skin.

Benefits of Raisins for Hair

How many of us are tired of frequent hair fall or untimely greying? Many of us, right? Raisins can come up as one of the best solutions for these issues.

Bring Thinning of Hair to an end:

Say ‘NO’ to hair loss with raisins. These small yet powerful fruits are full of iron, which is a vital and essential nutrient for our body. When it comes to keeping our circulatory system healthy, the importance of iron cannot be ignored. Conversely, a sound circulatory system is essential for maintaining the blood circulation throughout the scalp, stimulating the hair follicles, and preventing hair fall.


Prevent Premature Greying of Hair:

You can put a stop to the untimely greying of your hair by incorporating black raisins in your daily diet. They are not only full of iron, but also contain a large amount of Vitamin C that facilitates the fast absorption of the mineral and provides proper nourishment to the hair. Therefore, consuming black raisins is very helpful for keeping up the health as well as natural color of our hair.

Benefits of Raisins for Health

Apart from enhancing our beauty, raisins also offer quite a lot of benefits for our health. Below are some of the major health advantages of the fruit:

Keeps Anemia at Bay:

People suffering from acute anemia can also be immensely benefited by raisins. The iron content of these fruits is known to be much more than several other iron-rich fruits and vegetables. It means, if you make the consumption of black raisins a habit, you can easily meet the recommended daily intake of dietary iron and keep anemia at bay.

Keep Blood Pressure under Control:

High blood pressure or hypertension can cause significant health complications. Make sure that you are consuming raisins every day in the morning. These are rich in potassium, the most effective mineral which can lower the level of sodium in our body considerably. As sodium is the main culprit in increasing our blood pressure, keeping it in check is important for averting serious consequences.

Fight against Bad Cholesterol:

Black raisins contain no cholesterol. Rather, it helps curb the adverse effects of Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) or so called ‘bad’ cholesterol found in our body. Researchers have proved that black raisins comprise lots of soluble fiber, which is basically an anti-cholesterol compound. It transfers LDL from our bloodstream to our liver and facilitates its elimination from our body.

Treat Osteoporosis Successfully:

Besides potassium, raisins also hold a fair amount of calcium. Being the most crucial constituent of our bones, calcium plays a key role in maintaining the health of our skeletal system. Lack of this mineral can result in severe bone disorders like osteoporosis. However, raisins can increase the level of calcium in our body and help us treat these diseases successfully.