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Dry Fruit Hub Millets (Foxtail (rala rice),Kodo(arikalu),Little(saamalu),Proso(varigalu), Barnyard(udalu),250*5=1250grm

Dry Fruit Hub Millets (Foxtail (rala rice),Kodo(arikalu),Little(saamalu),Proso(varigalu), Barnyard(udalu),250*5=1250grm

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Foxtail millets are available in the form of rice, semolina (like rava) or as fine textured flour.Like other millets, foxtail millet is rich in smart carbohydrates, the kind which doesn’t increase the blood sugar levels immediately but releases slowly release glucose into the bloodstream.It is rich in dietary fiber, and minerals like iron and copper.Due to this, it helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and keeps the immune system strong as well.

If you are looking for a millet that closely resembles rice, then it is the Kodo millet.It is easy to digest and is rich in phytochemicals and antioxidants, all of which helps prevent the occurrence of major lifestyle diseases.For weight loss enthusiasts, this is the millet that will assist in healthy weight loss. Cook it like rice once in a while and relish without any guilt.Kodo millet has shown to reduce knee and joint pain, helps regularize menstruation in women among others. This is attributed to high mineral content like calcium, magnesium and iron.

The little millet may be called little but in no means its nutritional content is little. It is a rich source of B-vitamins, minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, potassium among others.

Little millet contains around 5.2 grams of fat with a good content of unsaturated fats that ensures healthy metabolism and subsequently, a healthy weight loss. Its high fibre content is yet another positive making it an ideal part of pongal or even kheer instead of rice.

Like it’s millet cousins, proso millet is rich in protein and low glycemic index carbs.

The developed world cultivates this millet to use it as bird feed. It is yet to be consumed as a mainstream millet.

Also, because of the high content of antioxidants and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, it helps in preventing conditions like osteoporosis.Barnyard Millet(Samvat ke Chawal) These are tiny, white, round grains belonging to the millet family. It is an erect plant 60-130 cm tall. In India, cereal grains are not consumed during fasts.

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