Dried Guava Pack of 250 Grams

Pack of 250 Gms
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Dried Guava Pack of 250 Grams

Dried Guava


Dry Fruit Hub is a leading supplier of dried guava onlineOur hand-picked dried guavas have fruity flavor and are sweet. They also have tender and chewy texture. They are just perfect if you want to have them as snacks or include them in your baked products. Buy a pack of wonder dry fruits online and stack up your pantry as they can come to good use anytime, anywhere. Everybody in your family, including you, children, men, and women are sure to like this product and would love to have more of them. Our dry fruits online delivery is really quick and will reach wherever you are. 

Health Benefits

• People suffering from diabetes can benefit a lot from eating dried guava as it helps in regulating the absorption of sugar in the body.
• Eating dried guava helps in weight loss, without you having to consume lots of fiber, proteins, and vitamins. 
• Helps in inhibiting the metastasis and growth of cancerous cells. Dried guavas are especially beneficial in preventing breast cancer, oral cancer, and prostate cancer. 
• Being a good source of vitamin A, guava is excellent for promoting vision health too.
• Dried guava is also beneficial in preventing conditions like scurvy that can happen due to the deficiency of vitamin C.


Dried guava can be consumed directly. These wonder dried fruits can also be used for preparing beverages, jellies, jams, syrup, and other products. 


You need to store dried guava in a cool and dry place. It can last up to 12 months. 

Nutritional Information

Serving size 40g

Calories 130

Calories from Fat 0


%Daily Value

Total Carbohydrate 33g


    Dietary Fiber 0g


    Sugars 19g


Total Fat 0g


    Saturated Fat 0g


    Polyunsaturated Fat 0g


Protein 0g


Sodium 290mg


Potassium 0mg




Cholesterol 0mg


Vitamin C





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