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Dry Fruit Hub Carom Seeds (Ajwain) 250gms

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Carom Seeds (Ajwain)


Dry Fruit Hub is an ultimate destination where you can Buy Carom Seeds Online at affordable rates. These seeds have multiple culinary uses, besides being a healthy option for you and everyone in the family. We make sure to source carom seeds from the right source and dry them naturally before packing them perfectly. Upon placing an order with us, you can expect to receive this item within a matter of few days.

Health Benefits

·         Carom seeds provide instant remedy for stomach pain.

·         Inhalation of the smoke of carom seeds makes breathing pattern easier. Therefore, those suffering from asthma can benefit a lot from these seeds.

·         Carom seeds can be fried for treating recurrent and chronic cold. Inhaling the smoke of carom seeds is also beneficial for those suffering from headache and migraine.

·         Helpful in treating kidney stones and other related disorders.

·         Drinking water soaked with carom seeds help treat intestinal pains.


As carom seeds are seldom eaten raw, they are usually fried in ghee or dry-roasted before they are used. When used this way they can add more flavor to lentil dishes. You can even consider sprinkling them over biscuits and bread.


Place carom seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container and keep it in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional Information

Serving size 28g

Calories 86



%Daily Value

Total Carbohydrate 12g


     Dietary Fiber 11g


     Sugar 0g


Total Fat 7g


     Saturated Fat 1g


     Polyunsaturated Fat 4g


Protein 5g


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 3mg




Vitamin A


Vitamin C


Potassium 0mg



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